Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ironically weird poem :D

Heeeey! I haven't updated this BLOG (sorta :D) because, our computer's video card was broken, sooo.. uhh.. I dont know. Now it's fixed, so get ready for a heart-breakin', mind-shatterin', pulse-throbbin' and eye-poppin' (??!) poem by me. :D
Yours by the blue midnight
~Reborn Poetess~

Forever in the Absence of the Universe

Your voice
are thunders rolling out of the sky
They crash
And crushed my mind into pieces.

Your smiles
are sunshine entering its way out
They dazzle
And blinded my eyes unexpectedly.

Your eyes
are stars appearing on the horizons
They sparkle
And letting me remember those igniting mem'ries.

My dreams
are rainbows, flashing into my crown
They disappear
Whenever I glance over.

My nightmares
are lightning, annihilating my fantasies
They haunt me
Whenever I see those photographs of yesterday.

My sleepless nights
Are darkness, engulfing the moon slowly
They reflect what I think
Whenever you're beside me.

You and me
Forever in the absence of the universe
We'll never be one, I plummet
Don't disturb me again.


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