Saturday, July 9, 2011

Benevolence Beneath the Canopy of the Four Seasons

Frozen icecap  floating on a cold river
Melt with an iceberg beyond the strand
Felt the existence from their arctic hearts
Winter dreams and spirits absurd.

A daffodil swaying with the drifting wind
Encountered a rose, red with delight.
Danced and glided with the sweet-smelling breeze
Spring fantasies and carefree flair.

Flying birds singing their sweetest melodies
Stumbled upon the blazing beams of the sun
Encircled the universe, embracing its light
Summer winds and rays adore.

Red and gold, leaves of fire
Toppled over a mountain of dewdrops
Sang and glanced over a part of the crimson sky
Autumn horizons and good will above.

Mesmerizing the Tears of Yesterday

They say
Birds fly in the west
I say
They're not flying, they're carried by the wind.

They say
Oceans splash its waves towards the sand
I say
They don't splash, it's just an illusion.

They say
Clouds drift upon the azure horizons
I say
They don't drift, they just passed by to see us.
They say

Friends are prickly roses in the meadows
I say
They aren't prickly, they bloom into siblings
of yours.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I. Am. Me.

Hello again fellas! This next poem was an ode to myself, and I don't know why I made this poem. It just describes me, and I fondly used adjectives that describes a rose, because that's my fave flower, red and white, mostly. Enjoy!
Yours by bed of roses,
~Reborn Poetess~

Rebirth of a Poisonous, Thorny Rose

A thorny one it may seem
but may bloom into a ravishing flower
Protected and guarded
By its prickly mannerism.

Poison is concealed beneath its form
May unveil when you're not cautious
It'll bramble its thorns over you
And prick your eyes with disguise.

The color of blood scattered on its surface
As though it's killed many times
But soon it is reincarnated
Or reborn into a lively one.

Verdant leaves encircle its shell
It's not observed or seen at all
But it is also a part of it
And never should be ignored.

Petals created it
And made it into a vivid one
Colors made it bloom
And seasons made it surpass challenges.

A thorny one it may seem
But may bloom into a ravishing flower
Don't be fooled
By its mysterious disguise.

Ironically weird poem :D

Heeeey! I haven't updated this BLOG (sorta :D) because, our computer's video card was broken, sooo.. uhh.. I dont know. Now it's fixed, so get ready for a heart-breakin', mind-shatterin', pulse-throbbin' and eye-poppin' (??!) poem by me. :D
Yours by the blue midnight
~Reborn Poetess~

Forever in the Absence of the Universe

Your voice
are thunders rolling out of the sky
They crash
And crushed my mind into pieces.

Your smiles
are sunshine entering its way out
They dazzle
And blinded my eyes unexpectedly.

Your eyes
are stars appearing on the horizons
They sparkle
And letting me remember those igniting mem'ries.

My dreams
are rainbows, flashing into my crown
They disappear
Whenever I glance over.

My nightmares
are lightning, annihilating my fantasies
They haunt me
Whenever I see those photographs of yesterday.

My sleepless nights
Are darkness, engulfing the moon slowly
They reflect what I think
Whenever you're beside me.

You and me
Forever in the absence of the universe
We'll never be one, I plummet
Don't disturb me again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Depression of Thyself (What the? :D)

Decline. Hopelessness. Misery. Words that made up my self when I think about this poem. Blah, blah, blah... Don't know what to say next! Just, uhh.. peruse!!

Yours by the red roses,
~Reborn Poetess~                                                                           

Melancholy of the Frozen Flames

Crimson and auburn
Burst out
Heartbeats shout together
As if they were carried by a tornado

Scorching and burning
Blaze, O!
Embers kindle upon me
I want to neglect my undying emotion

Freezing, shivering
True enough
Icebergs surround me
Felt the clodness of truth, I fear

Crimson and auburn
Let my memories ignite,
As if the frosts passed, and I slept happily.

The Birth of a Newfangled Script

Hello! This is thy first poem.. It's about those memories I've kept for.. uhhh... maybe 2 years?? Oh no, I still keep those in thy soul and it'll be forever in my mind.. Hope ya like it!

Yours by the glint of light,
~Reborn Poetess~                                                                                                     

Peeking Beyond the Mirror of the Past

My memories of you
Are woodpeckers shattering its way
Beneath the canopy of my mind
Did they succeed?

The sparkle of my eyes
Brighten up, disappear
Whenever I gaze over you
And take a glimpse of the past

Behind these smiles, these laughs
There's a hidden memory of yesterday
It made me cry, made me weep
But through all times, made me stronger

My memories of you
Are butterflies, prisoners of mine
Would they be free,
Or be forever with me?