Saturday, July 9, 2011

Benevolence Beneath the Canopy of the Four Seasons

Frozen icecap  floating on a cold river
Melt with an iceberg beyond the strand
Felt the existence from their arctic hearts
Winter dreams and spirits absurd.

A daffodil swaying with the drifting wind
Encountered a rose, red with delight.
Danced and glided with the sweet-smelling breeze
Spring fantasies and carefree flair.

Flying birds singing their sweetest melodies
Stumbled upon the blazing beams of the sun
Encircled the universe, embracing its light
Summer winds and rays adore.

Red and gold, leaves of fire
Toppled over a mountain of dewdrops
Sang and glanced over a part of the crimson sky
Autumn horizons and good will above.

Mesmerizing the Tears of Yesterday

They say
Birds fly in the west
I say
They're not flying, they're carried by the wind.

They say
Oceans splash its waves towards the sand
I say
They don't splash, it's just an illusion.

They say
Clouds drift upon the azure horizons
I say
They don't drift, they just passed by to see us.
They say

Friends are prickly roses in the meadows
I say
They aren't prickly, they bloom into siblings
of yours.