Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Depression of Thyself (What the? :D)

Decline. Hopelessness. Misery. Words that made up my self when I think about this poem. Blah, blah, blah... Don't know what to say next! Just, uhh.. peruse!!

Yours by the red roses,
~Reborn Poetess~                                                                           

Melancholy of the Frozen Flames

Crimson and auburn
Burst out
Heartbeats shout together
As if they were carried by a tornado

Scorching and burning
Blaze, O!
Embers kindle upon me
I want to neglect my undying emotion

Freezing, shivering
True enough
Icebergs surround me
Felt the clodness of truth, I fear

Crimson and auburn
Let my memories ignite,
As if the frosts passed, and I slept happily.

The Birth of a Newfangled Script

Hello! This is thy first poem.. It's about those memories I've kept for.. uhhh... maybe 2 years?? Oh no, I still keep those in thy soul and it'll be forever in my mind.. Hope ya like it!

Yours by the glint of light,
~Reborn Poetess~                                                                                                     

Peeking Beyond the Mirror of the Past

My memories of you
Are woodpeckers shattering its way
Beneath the canopy of my mind
Did they succeed?

The sparkle of my eyes
Brighten up, disappear
Whenever I gaze over you
And take a glimpse of the past

Behind these smiles, these laughs
There's a hidden memory of yesterday
It made me cry, made me weep
But through all times, made me stronger

My memories of you
Are butterflies, prisoners of mine
Would they be free,
Or be forever with me?